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A #SixWordStory About Real-Life Superheroes!

Okay, so I’m quickly discovering that this digital storytelling topic is going to be full of fun! I love to create, especially when it involves imagery and storytelling. Yesterday, I saw this tweet retweeted in my stream and thought it was the perfect inspiration for a new #sixwordstory.

Here’s what I created using a free app on my phone that allows you to add captions. I was actually frustrated by how limited my editing capabilities were so if you have suggestions for good iOS photo captioning/editing apps, I’d love to hear them!


Generosity: a superhero’s most valuable superpower. 

I enjoyed spending some time trying to come up with only six words to capture the power of this picture and I love the emotions the image itself seems to evoke. Together, hopefully they tell a good story.


My Five Card Flickr Story: Summer Brownies

My five card flickr story: Summer Brownies

Photo credit: Henriksent

I’m excited to dive into the topic of Digital Storytelling with #etmooc for the next two weeks. I started yesterday with a #sixwordstory so today I thought I would try a 5 Card Flickr Story! Here’s my first attempt!