Consulting Services

As a Technology and Education Consultant, I offer a number of consulting services, including: 

Designing & conducting customized professional learning experiences (in-person & virtually):

  • Design Thinking in the K-12 Classroom
  • Design Thinking as a tool to build culture & design curriculum
  • Creating a Makerspace
  • Coding in Elementary
  • STEAM in the Early Years
  • Technology as a Global Learning Tool
  • Technology in the Early Childhood Classroom
  • Creating and Building Your Personal Learning Network
  • Social Media as a School Communication Tool

Other Services

  • Designing digital spaces for communities of practice
  • Designing and maintaining client websites and databases
  • Managing clients’ social media accounts
  • Managing and moderating webinars
  • Conducting early childhood education and technology research
  • Creating webinar content
  • Creating international social media campaigns
  • Managing social media campaigns for conferences and events

Some of my clients have included Engagement Strategies, LLCLanguage Castle, LLC, and Wellspring Advisors, LLC

If you’re interested in any of these services or have questions about how they could work for your organization, please contact me at: margaret.a.powers [at] gmail [dot] com.

Visit the Pages Below to Learn More about my Technology and Training Experience:


One response to “Consulting Services

  1. I’d like to ask your advice on how to present two activities for my FACS class. I’m taking the class on-line. 1) I have to list ten fun activities for parents to engage with their child. Instead of just turning in a list of activities, I wanted to present it differently. 2) I have a powerpoint presentation and I want it to be creative, yet I’m not tech saavy. The PPT’s subject is: Meeting Childcare Needs/Infancy through Kindergarten. Do you have any advice, ideas for presentation? I’d greatly appreciate any small suggestion from you.

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