Technology Experience

As a Technology and Education Consultant, I manage client’s social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other sites. I moderate and manage webinars through GoToMeeting and WebEx. Using platforms like Wikispaces, I have worked with clients to set up digital spaces to host virtual communities of practice and through sites like WordPress, I design and maintain client websites and databases. I have experience working locally, virtually, and internationally to help groups learn and begin to utilize social media spaces for global communication, marketing, and dialogue, as well as web 2.0 tools for collaboration and exchange. I also create virtual trainings and webinar presentations on technology in early childhood and technology as a global learning tool.

At American University, I created new social media networks for the International Training and Education Program. I started and maintained our Twitter account and a LinkedIn professional networking group, to post job announcements and link current students to alumni. I also transitioned the program from a Facebook group to a public Facebook Page and explored the possibilities of using a Google+ Page to offer Hangouts to prospective students and increase online discussions about the program among students and alumni. I worked to integrate our social media networks into our program website and helped maintain the site.

While working at Bryn Mawr College, I engaged in a number of technology projects and helped lead and design a number of new, digital spaces.

  • For the Teaching and Learning Initiative, I started a Facebook Page, a Ning social network tailored to our teaching and learning community, and a database of curriculum materials through Blackboard. I also maintained the program website and a number of Excel databases to track participants and their related skills and partnerships.
  • In my work at the TECH Bar, I helped create a webpage explaining the new technology support service the College was offering and I helped to design and maintain a documentation blog, including many of the documentation files, for staff, student, and faculty to use to address their technology needs.
  • As an Educational Technology Consultant, I created a website to host the technology explorations that were occurring in the Education Program, including real-time chat rooms, experimenting with Twitter in academic courses, developing a database of digital assignments that make use of technologies to provide faculty and students with ideas for innovative project formats, and exploring how social media could be used in our courses and program. I also created a LinkedIn networking group for the Education Program at the two Colleges (Bryn Mawr and Haverford), I built an interactive program website (now inactive), developed new interactive course pages for faculty in Blackboard and held some technology trainings for Education faculty. I also designed a website for a new project in Ghana started by an alumni of the Education Program.

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