Ideas to Scale Innovation

After conducting a survey and doing research into the wicked problem of scaling innovation in schools, I created an infographic about exactly what makes this challenge so difficult to solve for (e.g., time, leadership, culture, and professional development).

Click Image to See Full Infographic

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 6.23.43 PM

After further research and evaluation of what makes scaling innovation difficult, a colleague and I co-authored a white paper with some policy recommendations that could have an impact in schools. The paper works to address the issue strategically and distribute the workload, so that the recommendations could be implemented, even on a small scale, in schools right away.

Although these recommendations might not work in every school context, they are hopefully a place to start and can offer some insights and inspiration to educators who want to create sustainable models and positions for supporting innovation in schools and scaling that work to have a national reach.

Are you working to scale innovation in your classroom, in your school, your district, or state? Let’s connect and see if together, we can take action, and implement some of these ideas to test out a first iteration of scaling innovation in our contexts.


3 responses to “Ideas to Scale Innovation

  1. Great post Margaret. Thank you. Your infographic is cutting off on the bottom when clicked.

  2. Thanks Donna! And thanks for letting me know about the infographic, I just fixed the link.

  3. A provoking read Margaret. To me your paper and infographic affirms one thing – the importance of effective leadership that either makes or breaks this very innovation which we all must seek.

    PS: Welcome to #GoogleEI!

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