Training Experience

Since 2013, I have planned, organized, and run an annual, four-day summer institute for educators on topics of innovation at the Episcopal Academy. I manage the logistics for the event, including arranging trips, designing participant certificates, scheduling, finding and collaborating with presenters, and supporting attendees. I also help to facilitate the workshops, which range in topic from social media tools to design thinking to tinkering with LEDs and circuits.

In March of 2012 I designed and taught a one credit course for current graduate students and alumni at American University on Technology as a Global Learning Tool. I built a wiki for the course to serve as an ongoing community learning space and students learned to tweet during the course using the hashtag: #T4GL12. Students learned a number of new Web 2.0 tools and ways that they can be used in nonprofits, exchange programs, and classrooms to create global learning experiences.

Some Student Feedback from the course: 

In my studies at American University I took a course called Training Program Design, which focused on developing skills in a variety of training components: needs assessment, goals and objectives, training methodologies and materials, and evaluation. Through that course, I designed two trainings. One training is a professional development workshop on using technology to create a global early childhood classroom. It can be adapted to be one to five days in length, depending on a client’s needs and wants, and could cover tools such as Twitter, Skype, and wikis, as well as real-world examples of current global classroom projects. The second training is a two-day workshop on technology tools for trainers in international development and exchange programs, which I co-created with three other members of the course.

At Bryn Mawr College, I helped to design and facilitate a series of trainings for all staff on Microsoft Office 2007 when the entire campus transitioned to the new software. I also helped to design trainings or short courses on technology tools and skills (e.g., Microsoft Office, social media tools, blogging) for staff members. Additionally, I conducted a few trainings on technology tools (e.g., designing a Blackboard page, embedding tools, using LinkedIn) for the Education Program faculty.


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