Tech For a Global ECE

Technology for a Global Early Childhood Education!

It’s my new resource website for early childhood educators. The site was created in hopes of filling a gap in the available resources for educators working with young children and interested in using technology to create global learning experiences in their classrooms.

On the site you will find:

  • Why Globalize ECE? a page that discusses some of the current equity issues at play in early childhood education and the ways that using technology to create global learning experiences can help address some of these issues.
  • Related References with background research, books, and websites that can help you learn more about the topics of early childhood, global education, and educational technology.
  • Global Tools with tech tools you can begin using in your classroom to create global learning experiences for your children and page with teacher tools to help you, as an educator, connect with other educators around the globe!
  • Current Projects demonstrating numerous examples and stories of other early childhood educators and classrooms who are engaging in global projects and connecting with other children around the world.
  • Ideas to Action with some getting started tips and resources to help you on your journey to create global learning experiences using technology for the young children in your classroom.
  • Blog with posts about the intersections of early childhood education, technology, and global education.

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