Joining #etmooc to Connect and Learn

I finally took the plunge and joined #etmooc! I have been watching the course grow and evolve online for a few years now but I had never actually jumped in and signed up. I was always worried that I didn’t have the time (still a bit worried about that) but after successfully completing my first MOOC in 2012, I feel like it’s time to give this a try. I’m particularly excited because this is a “Connectivist” MOOC, compared to the content-based one I took in the fall. I have found that connecting with other educators and technologists who are similarly passionate about using technology as a tool for meaningful learning, creation, and collaboration is the best part of having a PLN. Through #etmooc I hope to grow that network and connect with even more great minds and innovative practitioners.


Our first assignment was to create a quick introduction to ourselves using some type of media. I decided to test out Haiku Deck because I have heard great things about the app and saw some cool presentations from other participants in the course. My first attempt at it is linked above. It was very user-friendly and easy to get started. The only challenge I encountered was not getting stuck searching forever to find the “perfect” image for each of my slides. Being a photographer who loves to take, look at, and enjoy images makes that tough.

I’m looking forward to learning and trying a number of new tools during the course and connecting with others who are doing the same. It’s always nice to have company when you embark on a learning journey and now I have the privilege of traveling with people from all over the world as we engage in 11 weeks of ed tech explorations.


2 responses to “Joining #etmooc to Connect and Learn

  1. Hi Margaret. It was fun seeing what you put together for your introduction. I echo your thoughts about finding just the right pictures for Haiku Deck. And I’m glad I was able to read more in your blog’s About & the link to the I’m amazed at all you have been and that you are involved with. Your blog is also an amazing collection…so well thought out. Wow! If I was looking to hire someone and they had a blog resume like that, it would GRAB my attention. I’m glad to have made your acquaintance online and will be looking for you as you contribute. Thanks again!

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