Pinning #ISTE12 for Future Reference

So it looks like I have one more #ISTE12 post to share. After many days and hours, I was finally able to carve out enough time to compile the different resources I collected or heard about while at the annual ISTE conference. Many of these tools, apps, and resources I learned about through Twitter but some were also gathered in different sessions, at #SocialEdCon, and in conversations with colleagues.

I chose Pinterest as my platform to compile all of my resources because I like the visual aspect of being able to open a board and see (and read about) everything in one place while also still having live links to the tools and resources. The ability to upload your own pins also came in handy as some sites or items I wanted to add did not have pinnable images associated with them. I created four different pinboards to help organize the different resources I collected:

#ISTE12 Slides, Prezos, & Notes:                #ISTE12 Tools:






#ISTE12 App Suggestions:                           #ISTE12 Reflections:

I’m excited to have been able to capture all of these resources in some type of organized fashion so that I can continue to go back and revisit them, add comments, and share them with other colleagues and collaborators. If you have resources to add (I’m sure I missed some!) to any of the boards, please let me know and I can add you as a collaborator.


6 responses to “Pinning #ISTE12 for Future Reference

  1. Maggie, This is amazing. It was great to meet you in person, too. You really are such a strong voice for technology and children-keep it up!

  2. I have a few resources that I could add from the sessions I attended. Many of the sessions I attended had more of a SPED spin. I should follow your lead and start my own boards. I have been adding a few of the resources to existing boards but like the idea of separating them out because I also need some time to re-visit some of them. Thanks for all your hard work. It was wonderful to meet you at ISTE.

    • I added you as a collaborator to the pinboards but if you start your own boards, let me know because I’d love to see your resources! It really enjoyed meeting you at ISTE and hearing your ideas about tech prior to the panel discussion.

  3. You’ve done a great job in organzing your boards. Totally following your pins, young lady. I’m excited about what you’re sharing with us.

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