Technology & Education Consultant

Education & Technology Consultant
Philadelphia, PA | November 2011-Present

  • Support clients’ social media practices, manage webinars, and design and maintain client websites and databases
  • Conduct early childhood education research and compile education data for publication
  • Design webinar content and present material to early childhood educators
  • Design online spaces for conference events and ongoing virtual communities of practice
  • Create social media and communications plans for organizations
  • Conduct trainings on social media and web 2.0 tools

Currently working as a consultant for Engagement Strategies, LLC; Language Castle, LLC, Wellspring Advisors, LLC, and others


3 responses to “Technology & Education Consultant

  1. Dr Ronnie Lowenstein

    I am excited about reading your work… hope we can connect
    and explore synergies…
    I am an educator of over 40 years- a weaver who has worked in research, policy and practice and currently dedicated to promoting global education, using collaborative technologies as a tool for inquiry and project based learning … linking NetGeneration of Youth and their educators in US with those in Canada, Africa- South Africa, Uganda, Zambia and United Arab Emirates…
    Three best practice models… more later…
    When might we converse?
    Yours in vision,

  2. Hi Ronnie,
    It would be great to connect! I’m interested to hear more about your work using collaborative technologies as a tool for inquiry & project based learning in global education. What’s the easiest way to connect – email, LinkedIn, Skype?
    – Maggie

  3. Great Blog!

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