Bryn Mawr College

Educational Technology Consultant
Bryn Mawr College: Education Program
Bryn Mawr, PA | January 2010-August 2010

  • Explored areas for increased use and integration of educational technologies in academic courses
  • Researched, facilitated, and began the transition process from paper to e-portfolios for students and faculty
  • Conducted educational workshops for faculty about ways to integrate them into their existing pedagogy
  • Designed websites, databases, and other virtual tools to facilitate increased faculty and student use of technology

Technology Education & Collaborative Help (TECH)
Bar Team Member
Bryn Mawr College: Information Services                                                                                  Bryn Mawr, PA | June 2009-May 2010

  • Worked and collaborated across campus constituencies to provide one-on-one technology education
  • Created and maintained a documentation blog and communicated with the community about technology updates
  • Designed a new campus service and facilitated project management during a time of organizational change as Information Services restructured how campus members used their services

Student Consultant
Bryn Mawr College: Teaching & Learning Initiative                                                           Bryn Mawr, PA | September 2007-May 2008, September 2009-August 2010

  • Worked with faculty members to examine, evaluate, and reflect on the pedagogy they used
  • Collaborated with fellow consultants to reflect on and brainstorm ideas to make pedagogical changes in the classroom

A View of all the Programs in the TLI

Staff-Student Partnerships Computing Coordinator
Bryn Mawr College: Teaching & Learning Initiative
Bryn Mawr, PA | January 2009-May 2010

  • Facilitated weekly meetings with teachers of the Computing I-IV Classes and provided them with pedagogical feedback
  • Maintained the program’s Blackboard page, Excel databases, and social networking sites
  • Performed program outreach and worked on program research projects

Staff & Students Celebrate Their Partnerships

Co-Teacher for Computing I & II
Bryn Mawr College: Teaching & Learning Initiative
Bryn Mawr, PA | January 2008-May 2009

  • Taught Bryn Mawr staff members how to use Microsoft Word, Excel and Power Point and Internet tools
  • Partnered staff and students in teaching and learning relationships around technology

Teaching & Learning Initiative Intern
Bryn Mawr College: Teaching & Learning Initiative
Bryn Mawr, PA | June-August 2007

  • Co-designed a curriculum to teach MS Office 2007 to Bryn Mawr’s campus communities
  • Trained Bryn Mawr College administrative departments in Office 2007
  • Co-led planning group in re-designing curriculum and structure of a course which increased staff computing knowledge

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